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8 Questions to Ask Your Roof Installer

There are now over 37,300 roofing contractor businesses in the US. Before hiring local roofers, however, you’ll need to narrow down your options. Otherwise, you could risk hiring a roofer who lacks the necessary experience.

Here are eight questions to ask before hiring a roof installer. Asking these questions can help you find a professional with the necessary experience and expertise.

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1. How Long Have You Operated?

While there are over 37,000 roofing contractors in the US, some have worked in the industry longer than others. Some businesses only last in the industry for a few years, too. You don’t want to choose a roofing company, only for them to go out of business in a few months.

Instead, determine how long each company has operated in Ocala. Look for an established business.

Then, visit the company’s “About Us” page to learn about its history. If you can, learn as much as you can about the team, too.

Finding an established business can help you feel confident in your choice before they begin working on your roof. These teams have likely worked out operational issues over time. A new business, however, might still experience billing, scheduling, or staffing issues.

These issues can affect your experience as a customer. 

Before a team arrives to work on your roof, ask questions about the roofer, too. 

There aren’t formal education requirements for roofing contractors. Most professionals learn while on the job, with others beginning as apprentices. If you want to ensure the best results for your roofing project, ask for an experienced roofer.

A professional with years of experience in the industry is less likely to make mistakes. They’ll ensure the best possible results for your project. They’ll also have an easier time recognizing issues and making the necessary recommendations. 

2. Are You Licensed and Insured?

As you continue researching roofing companies, make sure they have their credentials in order. First, confirm the company is licensed to work on residential and commercial roofs. 

If the company doesn’t have an up-to-date license, remove them from your list. 

For a contractor to get their license, they need to register with the state’s board of licensing contractors. Ask to see a physical copy of their license. If the contractor refuses to provide proof of their credentials, keep searching.

Next, make sure the company is bonded. A bonding company has confirmed the contractor does business ethically and correctly. If the company goes out of business or there’s a problem, the customer can fall back on the bond company.

Look for companies with general liability and worker’s compensation insurance, too.

Their insurance will give you peace of mind if there’s an accident. You won’t be held responsible for any property damage or personal injuries. 

3. What’s Your Process?

Learn more about each company’s process. For example, how do they intend to protect your lawn while on the job? They’ll need to consider foot traffic, debris, and heavy equipment.

If the company doesn’t have an organized plan in place for its projects, keep searching.

Determine what they intend to do with refuse material, too. Confirm they dispose of materials properly (for example, maybe they bring dumpsters with them to projects). 

4. Do You Use Subcontractors?

There are about 15,000 new openings for roofers available each year. Remember, you’ll want to make sure experienced professionals arrive to work on your roof. Ask each company if they have a team of full-time employees or if they hire subcontractors. 

If they outsource, make sure the subcontractors have insurance and the necessary licenses to work.

5. Can You Provide Photos and References?

Ask each licensed roofer for photos of their recent projects. Reviewing photos will help you determine if the company meets your expectations. If the result of their work doesn’t stand up to the standards you expect, keep searching.

Ask each company for at least three local references, too. Speaking with their recent clients can help you determine if the company meets your needs.

You can also check online for client reviews. If the company has any serious complaints against them, remove them from your list. 

6. How Much Will This Cost?

Ask more than one roofing contractor about their pricing. Get an itemized list of all services they offer (in case you need another service in the future).

Gathering more than one estimate from local roofers can help you compare prices. If one company’s pricing is higher than the rest, determine why that is.

Make sure you get any quotes you receive in writing. 

7. Do You Offer a Warranty?

Ask each company about their workmanship warranty. The warranty will protect your roof investment. You should have a warranty on your roofing materials and contractor’s workmanship.

If there’s an issue, the contractor should return to determine the best possible solution. Ask each roofer what kind of warranty they offer. Determine how long (one year, five years, a lifetime) the warranty lasts. 

A company that offers a warranty will have your best interests in mind. 

8. When Can You Start?

Ask each company when they can start on your project before hiring a roofer. Determine how many projects they’re currently juggling, too.

Some companies might put you on a waiting list if you’re overbooked. In that time, the problem with your roof could get worse. Instead, look for a company that can meet your needs and schedule. 

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Finding a local roof installer you can trust doesn’t have to feel stressful or time-consuming. Instead, ask these eight questions during your search. Then, review your notes to make an informed choice.

With the right local roofers, you can complete your project without complications.

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