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Brava and DaVinci composite roofing materials expertly resemble the stunning look of clay & concrete tiles, slate, and cedar shakes. Composite roofs are taking Florida by storm because they offer the same eye-catching aesthetics with a lower up-front cost and an eco-friendly composition.

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True clay and concrete tile products are best known for their durability and resistance to high winds, rain, hail, and even fire. These products are offered in a wide variety of profiles and colors to fit the most unique design requirements.

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close up of a real slate roof with skylights


Slate tile roofing products have been used for centuries on historical buildings, homes, and businesses because of their timeless look and long-term durability. When you choose true slate tile for your roof, you won’t be disappointed with the beauty, strength, and longevity of this product.

beautiful cottage style home with cedar shake roof and lush landscaping


True cedar shake roofs are hand-split to offer a unique, rustic appearance. Wooden roofs have long been a favorite for hands-on homeowners, as this product does require regular attention and maintenance to keep in pristine condition. If you want the look of a cedar shake roof without the maintenance, opt for a composite solution instead.

large home with palm trees in the background and standing seam metal roof


Many homeowners and builders have turned to metal roofing products for their stylish look, durability, and longevity. Available in a wide array of profiles, colors, and finishes, metal roofing can be used as a small accent or as the primary roofing material on a home or building to set it apart from traditional shingle roofs.


Asphalt shingle roofs are the most popular roof choice due to their affordability, low maintenance, and durability. Made to withstand some of the most extreme weather climates, asphalt shingles are a great choice for homeowners and builders with affordability at the top of mind, without sacrificing the durability and beauty of a roof.

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